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Betty's Apple Butter

Betty serves delicious Apple Butter at The Lunch Bell. The apple butter contains a “secret ingredient” which gives the butter a rich red color and memorable flavor! The customers at The Lunch Bell have always commented on its unique flavor. They use the butter on toast and biscuits. Some put it in their oatmeal or on grits. Others enjoy it on a sandwich with peanut butter, instead of jelly. It has a nice balance of spices.

Betty started making jars of it in the fall of 2008 due to the demand by her customers. People kept asking to buy it in quantity. Now, Betty prepares the apple butter in large batches at Rowena’s, a gourmet manufacturing facility in Norfolk, Virginia. Apple butter is traditionally made outside in big copper pots. The process takes hours to heat and cook the apples to produce the sweet taste. It is usually made with cinnamon and other spices.

Betty’s Apple Butter carries the “Virginia’s Finest” label and has always been a favorite at The Lunch Bell. The “Virginia’s Finest” Trademark Program has been around for 20 years, promoting the development of Virginia agriculture and specialty food products.

TO PURCHASE BETTY'S APPLE BUTTER ($5.99 plus 2.5% tax and shipping/handling):

Please note: due to high shipping costs, it is more cost effective to purchase between 4 and 6 jars at a time as the shipping cost will not change unless you purchase more than 6.  Buy extras for gifts or share with a friend!